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Are you ready to find out your why and live each day on purpose?

I Am Still Here Living a Purposeful Life Masterclass is designed just for you.

It will help you to discover who you are, why you exist, and how to live each day purposefully.

This motivational forum will engage your mind, body, and soul.

Participating in the I Am Still Here Living a Purposeful Life Masterclass will allow you to achieve your greatest self and fearlessly live out your purpose. Purpose dwells on the inside you. It is your time to live on purpose.

Each participant who engages in the 3-week Masterclass will receive a signed copy
of the book I Am Still Here Living a Purposeful Life and What’s Your 5-1-1? A
28-Day Guide to Discover Your Purpose.

Participants can opt to participate in the 3-week course or an individual masterclass.


Classes can take place face-to-face or virtually.

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Individual Masterclass $150 per class (Includes Materials and Books)

3-week Master Classe $450 (Includes Materials and Books)

Week 1

“Discovering You” and “Giving Birth to Purpose”
This 2-hour interactive workshop allows you to explore who you are, why you
exist and the special characteristics in which you possess that sets you apart from others.

Week 2
“Understanding the Process to Overcome the Pain”

This 2-hour engaging workshop allows you to identify your process and the results
that your process will produce.

Week 3
“Let Your Passion Light Your Way to Your Purpose”

Discover Your Story and Release Your Purpose and Book (Webinar)


To Everything There is a Season invites you to join this webinar to give you tools that will

inspire and help you to discover your story, write your story, and publish your story.

The goal of To Everything There Is A Season is to provide consultation and support with

self-publishing. Allow your voice and creativity be read and heard worldwide.

We provide the tools, support, and expertise to assist you in publishing your desired book.

Begin your publishing journey with To Everything There Is A Season.


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Write the Vision: A Couples Vision Social

(This can be done virtually or face-to-face)

Create your own vision board to help you visualize an intentionally plan your goals for your life.


“What did not kill you only made you stronger! Envision it, embrace it, execute it, endure it! Write the vision with the one you live for laugh with and love unconditionally!


To purchase $99.00 webinar click HERE or Book Now! button


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