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The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Women of Virtue Walking In Excellence Celebration

The Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Celebration celebrates the life and legacy of the late Deborah C. Offer Bulgin by honoring the diversity of women who demonstrate excellence in different areas of their life, as wives, mothers, single women, grandmothers, leaders, entrepreneurs, career women, inspirational speakers, ministers, transformational coaches, mentors, volunteers, educators and some much more.

The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence Award is provided to virtuous women who have contributed to the improvement of others, as well as making an influential impact on their community or world.  Their leadership and dedication in changing the way of life for others, has proven why these women are well deserving of this award.  


The Deborah C. Offer Bulgin Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who demonstrates commitment to leadership and community service. Additionally, the scholarship recipient demonstrates capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, as well as the initiative to seek     opportunities that will further their educational and professional success.   

Nominations open until August 23 Click HERE


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