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I am Still Here, Living a Purposeful Life

ISBN-13: 978-1535411998


Do you ask a plethora of questions that leave you pondering where you are in life and why you are here? Are you torn between decisions, struggling with circumstances, and inundated with events that seem to have a hold on your life? Do you walk daily in circles, searching and trying to discover who, why, how, and what? Do you want to unclutter your thoughts and give meaning to what you know? Are you confident that there is purpose in you, but you can’t perceive what is taking place in your life? Based on what you discern, you progress in the direction toward a place called GREATNESS. There are mountains to move, hills to climb and rivers to swim. You can speak the mountain, and it shall be moved. You can climb the hill because you will get to a place very few people get to see. You swim against the flow of the river to maintain your position. You are equipped, you are a finisher, and you are an overcomer. Quitting is not an option. You can’t give up; you can’t throw in the towel. You must give birth to your purpose. Today is the day you discover the answers to your questions and the resources to gain insight into who you are, why you exist, and how to live each day purposefully. You must live to fulfill the vision, the promise, and what you were born to do. There is a reason why you are still here. There is purpose in you. Choose today to live the life created for you. You are still here, living a purposeful life.



$20.00 S/H $5.00

What's Your 5-1-1

ISBN-13: 978-1544991382


What’s Your 5-1-1? A 28-Day Guide to Discover Your Purpose is designed to awaken the purpose that dwells on the inside of you. This guide allows you to reflect on your existence, who you are, what you have to offer, who will benefit from your purpose, and the influence you have on others becoming better. Your purpose is bigger than you and designed to be outward-facing, through serving and helping others in becoming a success. Reading the inspirational quotes Monday through Friday will breathe life on your purpose. After reading the quotes five days a week, on Saturday, prepare for what you were called to achieve. Prepare by charting out the plan that you will take to accomplish the immediate goals that lead to the distant goal. Lastly, on Sunday, get quiet, reflect, and gain clarity about your purpose and how to execute the vision. In doing so, you will discover your why, the contributions you have to give to others, and the impact you will have on the world. Five days of inspiration, one day of preparation, and one day of illumination is your 5-1-1, 28-Day Guide to Discover Your Purpose. Discover the why, and then the why will lead you to the how and what.



$10.00 S/H $5.00

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10 Purposeful Tips For a Successful School Year: A parent and child's guide to a purposeful and successful school year.

ISBN-13: 978-1974375455


DR. TASHEKA L. GREEN AND HER 7-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER MIKAYLA GREEN PROVIDE PARENTS AND CHILDREN WITH PURPOSEFUL TIPS ABOUT HOW TO PREPARE FOR A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR. Getting back to school after an adventurous and fun-filled summer is always a challenging transition for children and parents. With summer coming to an end and a new school year quickly approaching, parents and children have mixed emotions of excitement, anxiousness, and first-day of school butterflies. Are parents and children prepared for a purposeful school year? Educator, Author, Coach, and Inspirational Speaker Dr. Tasheka L. Green provide audiences with 10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year from an educator’s perspective and as a parent of a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The impact of the 10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year, will allow children to enjoy school as places they love to go and hate to leave. Additionally, parents will be their child’s and school’s number one advocate.



$10.00 S/H $5.00

To Everything There Is A Season

ISBN-13: 978-1497515154


You may ask, how can things one day be perfect and normal and in a matter of time, everything can change? Not knowing why things happen in life the way they do, one thing I do know is that God's will is good, acceptable, and it is perfect. God has led and ordered your steps in the direction that he has destined. God has been with you through this journey, never leaving or forsaking you. The process is so painful, but the reward is so great. You have to go through the process in order to get to what God has prepared for you. In doing so, have faith, believe, and know, that to everything there is a season, and it is your season.



$20.00 S/H $5.00

Tasheka Green Book Set Apart and Chosen.

Set Apart and Chosen

You may ask, God uses ordinary women to do extraordinary things.

Deuteronomy 14:2


The price is $20.00 &  $5.00 S/H.

Amazon Best Selling International Author
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Coaching Champions

How to understand the players before giving the plays


The price is $25.00 &  $5.00 S/H.

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True Wealth Cover.jpg

True Wealth Starts in the Mind

Whatever man puts his mind, it will not be denied him


The price is $20.00 &  $5.00 S/H.

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Tears to Triumph Cover.jpg

Tears to Triumph

Releasing pain to receive God's restoration


The price is $20.00 &  $5.00 S/H.

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The Alverta Lucille Jewelry Collectibles

Handcrafted and Customed Made by U'Neekly-D'Zigned, James Deric-Newkirk

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Everything Moments Wall Art


Create an environment that is conducive for success by surrounding your walls with positivity, affirmations, and thoughts of becoming.

Speak it!

See it!

Believe it!

Become it!

“Capture the moments and make it a monument.”

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