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10-year old and two-time author Mikayla Green, wrote I am a QT...Queen in Training when she was only 7-years old. With the support of her mother, Dr. Tasheka L. Green, Chief Executive Officer of To Everything There Is A Season, Inc., I am a QT developed from a social story that Dr. Green used with her daughter from a bullying experience. The self-affirmations in the book, allows the girls to walk proudly knowing they are "QT…Queen in Training.”


In their first children’s book and speaking platforms, “I am a QT…Queen in Training” is the message they use to develop self-esteem and perseverance in young girls by empowering them to leverage their talents, maximizing their potential, and inspiring them to achieve greatness.


“I am a QT…Queen in Training” is dedicated to all of the young princesses around the world who have dreams and are preparing to reign.


About the Author

Little Ms. Mikayla Green is a young 10-year old author. She is also the author of 10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year, the Owner of the brand, “I am a QT…Queen in Training”, and the founder of Mikayla’s Online Book Cub.  Mikayla is a beautiful, creative, talented and gifted child. She loves God, her family, friends, school, writing, reading, drawing, and eating pizza. Mikayla hobbies include dancing, singing, and gymnastics. She has learned how to speak Spanish at school and uses the language at home with her mom and brother. Mikayla wants to go to college to become a singer and an entrepreneur. Mikayla would like to thank God, her family, friends, and her teachers who continue to believe in her and help her every day.

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The price for the book is $10.00 plus $3.50 S/H.

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The price for the greeting card is $4.99 plus $1.00 S/H.

I am a QT T-Shirt

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