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What are you SPEAKing?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Week of September 9, 2019..Goal Setting

To Everything There Is A Season Inc.: Coaching and Educational Services Presents “SPEAK” ... SPEAK is a weekly resource provided to Students, Parents, Educators, and Administrators, that they can in return apply the Knowledge to ensure a purposeful and successful school year.

“If you want to see improvement, it is important to set your own goals. It is even more important to be responsible for your goals, and hold yourself accountable to achieving them." - Dr. Tasheka L. Green

Students: Set weekly goals that you will work towards. Reflect on your goal, say your goal, write your goal, and daily read your goal. “I the end of the week. I will reach my goal by....” When the goal is reached, celebrate the great accomplishment! If the goal is not attained, reflect asses, and adjust for the following week. You can do this!

Parents: Help your child to learn the process of goal setting to teach responsibility and accountability of their learning and behaviors, to build perseverance, confidence, and a growth mindset.

Educators: Build a positive caring relationship with your students by knowing their goal, supporting them with their goal, and holding them responsible and accountable to their goal.

Administration: Establish a culture of a “Goal-Directed School or School System” where you, your teachers, students, parents, and community members establish goals for your school or school system. This is accomplished by leveraging the strength, experience, and interests of all stakeholders to improve the academic and social well-being of every child.

Knowledge Now take the information gained from this week’s SPEAK, how will you apply it to your students, child, educators, administrators, systemic leaders, parents, and community members? To improve the academic and social well being of every child we need to focus on what matters the most, what they are thinking and feeling, versus what they are doing.

To Everything There Is A Season “Where children grow and adults sow!”

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