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 Organizational Structure and Team Development Sessions and Topics


There is No “I’ in Team
There is No “I’ in Team is created to help organizations build a strong systems of teams that are
high functioning and organized for collaborative work. In doing so, this will produce a high
preforming workforce which exhibits quality work habits and customer service.

Time Management versus Task Management
Time cannot be managed but a task can be managed. In the session Time Management versus
Task Management, participants will understand that they cannot control time, but rather than can
prioritize a task. Participants will learn how to prioritize, execute, and deliver various tasks which
in return will maximize their time.

Building a Culture of Trust
Building a Culture of Trust is designed to help organizations to define culture and the key
principles of trust. In the session Building a Culture of Trust, participants will learn how to create
a work place environment that is grounded in the 5 Facets of Trust: Openness, Honesty,
Benevolence, Competency, and Reliability.

Understanding How to Work with Others
Understanding How to Work with Others is designed for members of a team to understand their
strengths, talents, gifts, and work style preference for themselves and others. Through this understanding,

individuals and teams will discover the impact in which leveraging their strengths and the strengths of others

aid in the improvement people, culture, systems, and structures of an organization.

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