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Educational Development Sessions and Topics


Education Matters

To Everything There Is a Season Inc, has been providing services in the area of professional learning and coaching educators to improve their capacity, which in returns impacts teaching practices, leadership skills, and student achievement. Chief Executive Officer and Education Strategy Consultant,  Dr. Tasheka L. Green, has been in education for the past eighteen years as a teacher, administrator, systemic leader, and executive staff member.

The goal of To Everything There Is A Season, Inc. is to provide coaching, professional learning, guidance, support and leadership for all aspects of the educational arena in order to achieve high levels of educational achievement. Our consultants are highly experienced, trusted professionals who work to bring the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate educational consulting solutions to you.

Our educational consultants specialize in the following but not limited to: 

  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 

  • Leadership Development and Coaching 

  • Instructional Reviews and Audits 

  • Data Wise Improvement Process

  • Instructional Coaching 

  • Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL Standards)

  • Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership I Education (VAL-ED)

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

  • Learner- Focused Supervision

  • Center for Creative Leadership

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments Development 

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Organizational Change 

  • Organizational Effectiveness 

  • Workforce Diversity 

  • High Performing Workforce 

  • Human Resources 

  • Systemic and School Improvement 

  • Teacher Development 

  • Closing the Achievement Gap 

  • Teaching and Learning Framework 

  • Equity 

  • Cultural Awareness 

  • Cultural Proficiency 

  • Student Achievement 

  • Differentiated Instructional 

  • Special Education 

  • Response to Intervention 

  • Behavior and/or Discipline 

  • Safe and Orderly Environments 

  • Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions 

  • Data Protocols and Analysis 

                                         10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year
10 Purposeful Tips for a Successful School Year provides you with tips that you can use with your child at the start of each school year. These quick and easy tips will support your child through his or her educational career. The purposeful steps taken at the beginning of the school year will lead to lasting successful results.

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